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How to Fix HP Printer Not Responding Error

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HP printers are feature-rich printing devices that work optimally. But sometimes, issues with their operation arise. One of the most prevalent issues is the HP Printer not responding. The printer fails to respond to your commands, so you cannot print any documents, images, or important files.  In this post, you will find several troubleshooting methods for the Printer not responding issue.

11 Methods to Fix HP Printer Not Responding Issue

Before using these measures, your printer must be connected to the wireless network.

1. Review the printer connections

It’s best to check your printer connections whenever you encounter the printer is not responding HP error. Perform this procedure to examine your connections.

  • Switch off your computer and printer.
  • Take away all the cables plugged into the devices.
  • Now, wait for about three minutes.
  • Then plug back the cables. While doing so, ensure that they are properly placed on their source.
  • Start your computer and printer again.

2. Find whether antivirus is behind the problem.

If you use a wireless printer, problems with the antivirus can cause you to face this error. So, if the question, why is my HP printer not responding is on your mind, examine your antivirus software.  Try disabling it, and if it helps, permanently disable it. You can also uninstall your antivirus if it is from a third party. In a majority of cases, uninstalling or disabling antivirus fixes this problem.

3. Relaunch the print spooler

You may need to relaunch the print spooler if it’s not updated when you find your HP printer not responding.

  • Trigger the Run box. Hit the Windows and R keys for opening it.
  • In the search space, type ‘services.msc.’
  • Press ‘OK.’ Click twice on ‘Print Spooler.’
  • Launch its’ Properties.’
  • Next, tap ‘Stop‘ below the ‘System Status’ tab.
  • Hit ‘OK.’
  • Now, find and hit the Windows key and E together.
  • Tap on ‘C: Drive‘ to navigate to Windows.
  • Here go to ‘System32<Spool<Printers.’
  • Tap ‘Continue‘ and make the ‘Printers’ folder show up.
  • Select the files. Remove all of them.
  • Open ‘Print Spooler‘ and set the startup type as ‘Automatic.’
  • Restart your computer.

4. Install the HP Printer Driver again

An obsolete version of the printer driver causes various printer problems. So, reinstalling an updated printer driver is an answer to why my HP printer is not responding.

  • Open the Run command by hitting Windows and R keys.
  • In the Run box, type ‘devmgmt.msc’
  • Press Enter.
  • You will see the ‘Printers’ category.
  • Expand it.
  • Select your HP printer and right-click it.
  • Choose ‘Uninstall device‘ from the drop-down.
  • Place a checkmark against the option to remove the driver software.
  • After that, click ‘Uninstall.’
  • The ‘Printers’ category will get removed.
  • Now, head to the official HP website and search for your HP printer driver.
  • Download and install it.
  • You will find your printer responding to your commands.

5. Set up the correct port.

Have you come to this method, but still found the printer is not responding to HP? It would help if you examined the configuration of your printer.

  • Access the ‘Search‘ tab of Windows.
  • In the search bar, input ‘printers, and devices.’
  • Now, in the ‘Control Panel,’ right-tap on the model of your printer and pick the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Place a checkmark on the box beside your printer’s location.
  • Start your computer again.
  • See whether your printer is working correctly.

6. Make your HP printer the default printer.

In order to take the printing commands from the computer, you must set your HP printer as the default printer.

  • Access the ‘Search‘ box of your Windows system.
  • Here, input the name of the default printer.
  • Access the window of ‘Change default printer‘ by choosing its option.
  • Find the ‘Let Windows manage my default printer‘ option.
  • Turn off this option by toggling its button.
  • Now navigate to the control panel.
  • Choose the ‘Devices and printers’ tab.
  • See whether there’s a green checkmark on your HP printer.
  • This checkmark shows that your printer is online and can respond to your commands.

7. Configure printer settings

Improper printer configuration is a significant cause of HP Printer not responding. Configure the printer settings using these points.

  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel‘ on your system.
  • Head to the ‘Devices and Printers’ area.
  • Find your printer and right-tap it.
  • Select ‘Printer Properties‘ from the dropdown.
  • Navigate to the ‘Ports’ tab.
  • Select the proper port.
  • After that, tap ‘Apply.’
  • Lastly, click ‘OK.’
  • You can now check if your HP printer is responding to your commands.

8. Use the USB cable to connect the printer.

Use this measure if you are a Mac user and find your printer not responding to your print command.

  • Find the USB cable. It must be USB cable 2.0.
  • Connect the cable.
  • Open the Apple menu. Choose ‘System Preferences.’
  • Go below ‘Hardware.’
  • Choose the ‘Print & Scan’ option.
  • Let your system identify your HP printer model.
  • You will soon see its name in the ‘Printer Name‘ section.
  • Choose your printer and tap ‘Add.’
  • Print any page to see if the printer is responding to you.

9. Perform a network connection reset

Another technique for those still complaining about why is my HP printer not responding is resetting the network connection.

  • Switch off your HP printer.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes before turning it on.
  • Examine the printer’s screen for the printer not responding to messages.
  • If you still find this message, tap the Apple icon on your desktop.
  • In the dropdown menu, select ‘System Preferences.’
  • You will see its window appearing.
  • Tap the ‘Print and Scan’ option below the ‘Hardware‘ section.
  • You will see numerous printers in the queue.
  • Delete all these printers by tapping the ‘-‘ icon.
  • After that, tap the ‘+’ icon to add your printer.
  • In the ‘Add printer’ window, you’ll see your HP printer’s name in the ‘Printer name‘ section.
  • Choose your HP printer model.
  • You’ll see all other fields automatically filling up.
  • Tap the ‘Add’ button to select your HP printer for printing tasks.

10. Unselect the Use Offline mode

Another common reason for HP Printer not responding is being in offline mode. To fix it, you must unselect this option.

  • Access the ‘Start‘ menu of Windows and go to ‘Settings.’
  • Now tap ‘Devices‘ followed by ‘Printers and Scanners.’
  • You will see a list of printers.
  • Locate your HP printer and right-tap on it.
  • Remove the check from the ‘Use printer offline‘ option in the menu.
  • Your HP printer is now working in an online mode. It will respond to your commands.

11. Use the Diagnose & Fix in the HP Smart app.

A great way to troubleshoot an unresponsive HP Printer in the Windows system is to use the HP Smart app.

  • Download the HP Smart app from the Microsoft Store.
  • Install and open it.
  • Click the ‘Diagnose & Fix’ icon present at the bottom-left part.
  • Hit’ Start.’
  • While HP Smart is troubleshooting the issue, do not close the app.
  • If the app detects issues, follow the instructions you are provided.

The Bottom Line

There are indeed several ways to fix printer errorssuch as an unresponsive HP printer. Keep using the measures one by one till your printer responds to your command. It will take a little while for you to start printing efficiently using your device again. Talk to a printer technical expert if you have any queries about these resolutions.

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