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HP Printer Driver is Unavailable | {How to Fix}

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HP Printer users often see the HP Printer driver unavailable error in their computer’s Control Panel. The issue makes it impossible to perform scanning and printing. It mainly occurs due to a damaged printer driver, Corrupt files, or outdated driver installation.

But now that you’ve found this post, you can stop worrying. Read on to learn all the possible fixes to quickly and easily fix the issue.

What Causes to HP Printer Driver Unavailable Error?

HP Printer driver unavailable issue arises from different causes, such as:

  • The printer driver is outdated because of improper driver installation.
  • Your system is incompatible with the HP printer driver because the driver is outdated.
  • The spooler service has failed.
  • Corrupt system files.
  • Your Windows 10 system does not have the latest updates.
  • There’s a minor technical glitch in your printer settings.

 8 Methods to Fix HP Printer Driver Unavailable Error

Implement the series of fixes below until you find one that eliminates this driver error.

Method 1. Install driver updates and support software

Updating the HP printer involves installing the required support software and driver updates.

  • To install support software, head over to the official Software and Driver Downloads portal.
  • Enter your HP printer model and download software such as HP Smart.
  • In addition, install your printer driver updates.

Use Device Manager to install drivers.

If you cannot get drivers through the official driver downloads portal, use this method.

  • Open the Run box by hitting the Windows key and the R key.
  • Type ‘devmgmt.msc,’ and choose ‘OK’ to go to ‘Device Manager.’
  • Expand the ‘Print Queues’ option.
  • Right-tap on your printer’s name and pick ‘Update Driver.’
  • An Update Drivers dialog will show up.
  • Choose ‘Browse my computer for drivers.’
  • Place a tick beside the ’Include subfolders’ option.
  • Choose ‘Browse’ and select the downloaded driver file.
  • Choose ‘Next’ for the printer driver to update.
  • Lastly, exit the ‘Update Drivers’ window.

Method 2. Uninstall corrupt drivers and reinstall the latest ones

Corrupt HP drivers lead to the HP Printer driver being unavailable for Windows 10 issues. The best solution is to uninstall the corrupt driver and get the recent one from the HP support website.

  • Launch the Run dialog box.
  • Use it to navigate to Device Manager.
  • Choose ‘Print Queue’, which has the name of your printer.
  • Right-click on your printer model to uninstall it.
  • Now, download and install the recent driver version in your system.
  • If you cannot do so, tap ‘Start’ and input ‘update’ in the box.
  • You will see a window that will give you many options for driver updates.
  • Choose ‘Check for updates.’
  • Click on the update for your printer, and the update process will commence.
  • Reboot your printer when the update completes.

Method 3. Update the Windows operating system.

Early versions of Windows 10 and 11 may not be compatible with the HP printer driver. If you find the driver is unavailable HP printer error, see whether your system needs an update.

  • Access ‘Settings’ from the Start menu.
  • Choose the ‘Windows Update’ option, followed by ‘Check for updates.’
  • Finally, tap ‘Download and Install.’
  • You can also access updates verified by Microsoft by tapping ‘View optional updates’ in the update pane of Windows.

Method 4. Carry out an SFC and DISM scan

Sometimes, your system file gets corrupted, resulting in an unavailable HP printer driver error in Windows 10. You can resolve this system file corruption by using the SFC and DISM command line utilities.

  • Tap the ‘Start’ button.
  • Choose ‘Windows PowerShell/Terminal (Admin).’
  • Now, input ‘SFC /Scannow.’
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • After SFC completes the scan, open DISM using this prompt: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /restorehealth
  • Note that it’ll take some time to complete. But don’t exit the Windows PowerShell window.

Method 5. Change the connection type to TCP/IP.

Changing to a TCP/IP connection type fixes various printer-related issues. Follow this process to create a TCP port.

  • You need to know your printer’s IPv4 address.
  • To find it, print a configuration page.
  • Now, head to ‘Control Panel.’
  • In the ‘Devices and Printers’ section, right-tap on the printer and left-click on the ‘Printer Properties’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Ports’ tab.
  • Add port and choose ‘Standard TCP/IP port.’
  • Next, select ‘New Port.’
  • Follow the instructions in the wizard.
  • Input the right IP address for your printer.
  • That’s it; now you won’t face the HP driver being unavailable in Windows 10 issue.

Method 6. Use compatibility mode to install HP printer drivers.

You can also fix this driver error by installing drivers in compatibility mode.

  • Right-click on your printer driver, and pick the ‘Properties’ option.
  • After that, click the ‘Compatibility’ tab.
  • Check the box, ‘Run this program in compatibility mode.’
  • Now, select your Windows and click ‘Apply.’
  • Finally, tap ‘OK.’

Method 7. Use another printer driver.

Users of every HP printer model can use another printer driver if their current ones aren’t working. So, even if you have a specific complaint like the HP Envy driver is unavailable, switch to a generic driver.

  • Go to ‘Device Manager,’ and choose your HP printer.
  • Right-tap and select the ‘Update driver option.
  • Now choose ‘Browse my computer for drivers.’
  • Pick the ‘Let me pick from the list of available drivers’ option
  • Place a checkmark beside ‘Show compatible driver.’
  • Now choose ‘Generic software device,’ followed by ‘Next.’
  • Finally, tap ‘Finish’ to install the printer driver.

Methd 8. Inspect for corrupt system files in your computer.

Damaged system files often lead to the unavailable HP Printer driver error. So, you can use Reimage tool to carry out Windows scan and repair system files.

  • Install Reimage by downloading it from the official site.
  • Now open the software and perform a free PC scan by tapping ‘Yes.’
  • After the scan completes, you’ll see a report of the various issues detected.
  • You can purchase this tool to begin the repair process.

The Bottom Line

The solutions in this guide are effective in resolving outdated driver or incomplete printer setup issues. Use them to find the cause and fix printer errors. These measures will also update your Windows operating system and minimize the possibility of facing the same issue in the future. If you need additional guidance, contact a printer technical support service.

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