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How to Clean printhead on HP Printer – [ 2 Methods ]

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HP Printers are robust printing machines as long as every component is in proper shape. However, the device’s printheads tend to clog periodically when dry ink or dust collects in the nozzle. This interferes with the printer’s functioning. So, knowing how to clean Printhead on HP Printer is crucial. Clogged printheads create problems like missing text, color fading, and streaking. If not addressed earlier, the printer can break down entirely.

In this post, you’ll find detailed information on cleaning the printhead of your HP Printer.

Points to Remember Before Cleaning Printheads

Before performing printhead cleaning, keep two things in mind.

  • Ensure that you use genuine HP Printer cartridges compatible with your printer model.
  • If a cartridge shows signs of damage or doesn’t fit properly, replace it with a new one.

Check 2 Methods to Clean Printhead on HP Printer

There are majorly two ways to clean HP Printheads. These include cleaning the printhead from your computer and cleaning it by hand.

Method 1. Clean the HP Printhead Using a computer or Printer driver

In this method, you’ll give the command to ‘Clean Printheads.’

  • Tap the ‘Start’ button to commence the printhead cleaning process.
  • After that, visit the ‘Control Panel’ section on your system.
  • Here, go to ‘Printers and Scanners’ menu.
  • You will see several available printers.
  • From among them, click your printer’s icon.
  • Select ‘Properties.’

NOTE: You will see a window that will inform you about the available ink in your cartridges. Use it to replace cartridges in case of low ink.

  • If there’s an indication that the ink levels in the cartridges are full, but your print jobs are low-quality, clean the printhead.
  • Select the ‘Printing Preferences’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Service’ tab.
  • Here, select the ‘Printer Services’ option.
  • A command to ‘Clean Printheads’ will be there. It will commence the printhead cleaning process.

This method is helpful for users who are doubtful of cleaning the HP printhead without damaging it. It doesn’t require you to remove the printhead physically, so your task becomes more manageable.

Method 2. Clean Printheads on HP Printer manually

Did you try the above method but still find no improvement in print quality? You may need to clean the printhead manually.

1. Remove the cartridges

  • Begin by opening the printer access door after turning on the device.
  • The printer carriage will change its position and move to the center.
  • Now you can access the cartridges and the printhead.
  • Wait till the cartridges stop moving.
  • Now unplug the printer’s cable from its power supply.
  • Let it remain turned off for three seconds.
  • Now, push the tab that holds the cartridges in place and remove the cartridges.
  • Only remove one cartridge at a time. Don’t let them remain outside of the printer for over 30 minutes.
  • Now place the cartridges on dry and clean paper.
  • Ensure that their nozzle points away from the surface.

2. Clean the contact points of the cartridge

  • Take a cloth (preferably lint-free) and remove the access ink from the cartridge contact points at the bottom.
  • Ensure not to touch the printhead nozzle while doing so.
  • Point the contacts away from any surface to prevent damage.
  • Lay the nozzle on its side.
  • If you still find ink on the contacts, use damp cotton to clean the ink.
  • Let the contact point air dry for about 10 minutes.
  • After that, replace the cartridge in the printer.
  • Finally, lay the cartridge on its side on a sheet of paper.
  • Repeat the steps again to clean the remaining cartridges.

3. Perform printhead cleaning

  • This is the final part of learning how to clean the HP Printhead.
  • Locate the contact points on the carriage in the printer.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe them.
  • There should not be any ink on the printer contacts.
  • If you find it difficult to remove excessive ink on the cartridges, use a cotton swab for it.
  • Let the printer carriage dry for about five minutes.
  • Now insert the cartridges again into the HP printer.
  • Ensure that they are securely snapped into place.
  • Now plug in the device’s cord.
  • Close the printhead’s cover.
  • Let the initialization process complete.
  • Finally, give a test print.

2 Steps to Fix HP Printhead Error

Many people encounter issues such as missing or failed printhead or an error message saying that the printhead is incorrectly installed. Resolve this HP Printhead problem with these techniques.

Step 1. Reseat the printhead thrice

  • Access ink cartridges in the printer.
  • Let the carriage stops moving.
  • Take out the power cord from the back of the printing device. Remember to disconnect before unplugging.
  • Now, lift the carriage latch.
  • Lift the printhead slightly and lower it into the carriage.
  • Move it left and right and lower the carriage latch.
  • It will lock the printhead firmly.
  • Close the access door of the ink cartridge.
  • Connect the power cord again to the back part of the HP printer.
  • Ensure that the control panel displays no errors.
  • If you still encounter an HP Printhead error, repeat these steps and reseat the printhead two more times.

Step 2. Reset HP printer

You can also reset the HP Printer to eliminate printhead errors.

  • Remove the rechargeable battery from your printer.
  • Turn on the HP printer. Disconnect the power cord.
  • Wait for a minute, then reconnect the cable.
  • Ensure that you connect the cord firmly to the printer and the wall outlet.
  • Try plugging it directly into your wall outlet.
  • Switch the printer on to finish resetting it.

Summing up

Cleaning the HP printhead regularly will ensure you get good-quality printouts. You can do it through the computer/ printer driver or manually. But if you still experience problems with your print outputs, it’s best to talk to printer experts. They fix printer errors related to various hardware and software issues quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a Printhead?

Every Inkjet printer today has a printhead. This component transfers ink to different kinds of media. They have chambers where ink is fed and small nozzles that function to spray the ink out. Modern printheads don’t contact the media being printed on, thereby minimizing mess and reducing the printing cost.

2. What to do if the printer doesn’t work even after printhead cleaning?

If you still experience quality issues or HP Printhead Problems, clean the ink cartridges or printhead four or five more times. Besides that, let your printer remain unplugged overnight. Examine the ink cartridge nozzle to ensure that it isn’t full. Replacing the cartridges is another good option, as old cartridges can interfere with the printer’s performance. Finally, perform a cleaning of the printhead’s contacts again.

3. Is cleaning HP Printheads necessary?

Knowing how to clean printheads on HP Printer is essential and must be done regularly. Often, ink heads on the printer accumulate dust, which impacts its smooth operation. When printheads are dirty, the print jobs come out smudged or streaky. So, to enhance the quality of your printouts and use your printer hassle-free, printer maintenance is essential.

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