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6 Methods to Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue

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Canon printers are popular devices that offer high-speed printing. However, the printer can certainly encounter numerous glitches, the Canon printer offline being one of them. This problem can be because of a connection issue, paper jam, or printer being in a paused mode. This article will provide effective troubleshooting for Canon printers’ offline problems.

Method 1. Link the Printer to Wi-Fi

Establishing a connection between your Canon printer with Wi-Fi is the first step to troubleshooting this offline issue.

  • Start by disconnecting the router from your printing device.
  • Now connect it again.
  • If you employ a USB cable connection, you must link your printer via a USB.
  • To connect your Canon printer with the router wirelessly, go to the ‘Wi-Fi Setup’ window on your Canon touchscreen printer model.
  • You can establish a wireless connection through it.
  • Hold and press the Wi-Fi button of the printer.
  • Keep doing this till you see the blinking Wi-Fi light.
  • When the printer flashes a blue light, access your Wi-Fi router and hit the WPS button.
  • These techniques will establish the connection of your Canon printer with Wi-Fi and help you fix your Canon printer offline Windows 10 

Method 2. Set your Canon printer as the default

If you’ve mistakenly set another printer as your default printer, you will face this issue. So, if you are wondering why is my Canon printer offline, set the existing printer as default.

  • In the ‘Control Panel’ window, head to ‘Devices and printers.’
  • Tap right on your Canon printing device and choose to set it as default.
  • The printer will acquire a green check mark and will come back online.

Method 3. Begin the spooler service

Another good fix for the Canon printer offline problem is to restart the printer spooler service.

  • Write ‘service’ in the search field of the Windows ‘Start’ menu.
  • Choose the appropriate result.
  • Now, right-click the ‘Print spooler’ option.
  • Tap ‘Restart.’
  • If you find this option greyed, tap ‘Start.’
  • Now, right-tap on ‘Print spooler.’
  • Select ‘Properties’ from the dropdown.
  • Change the startup type. Set it as automatic.
  • Save the changes by clicking ‘OK.’
  • Restart your system.
  • Give a printing command and see if your Canon printer responds.

Method 4. Turn off the Use Printer Offline option

It’s essential to disable the ‘Use Printer Offline’ functionality to get past the Canon printer offline error.

  • Access the ‘Control Panel’ from Windows ‘Start’ menu.
  • Once there, choose the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section.
  • In this section, choose ‘Devices and printers.’
  • Below the printer’s catalog, right-tap your Canon printer and select ‘See what’s printing.’
  • Tap ‘Printer’ and check if the ‘Use Printer Offline’ feature is unchecked.
  • If you see a checkmark, tap it again to uncheck it.
  • Tap ‘Printer’ again.
  • Now click ‘Cancel all documents.’
  • Run a test print to see if your problem resolves.

Method 5. Update the Canon Printer drivers

Have you reached this part but still have the complaint why is my Canon printer offline? You should check whether your printer drivers are updated.

  • Launch the Run window by using the R and Windows keys.
  • After that, access the ‘Device Manager.’
  • From the sub-menu, choose ‘Print Queues.’
  • Right-tap on the printer driver and choose the ‘Update driver’ option.
  • You’ll view a question, ‘How do you want to search for the driver?’
  • Tap ‘Browse my… Software.’
  • Select the option to install drivers.
  • Finally, reboot your PC.

Method 6. Modify the port configuration settings

You can also fix the Canon printer offline Windows 10 issue by changing the port configuration settings.

  • Access your system’s Control Panel.
  • Select ‘View devices and printers.’
  • Tap the‘ Devices and printers’ option.
  • Place a right-tap on ‘Offline printers’ and choose ‘Printer properties.’
  • Tap the‘ Change properties’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Ports’ tab to configure them.
  • Remove the tick from ‘Enable SNMP status’ in the Port Configuration dialogue.
  • Tap ‘OK.’

Fix Canon Printer Offline on Mac

Canon Printer offline Mac arises because of outdated drivers, loose connections between printer and Mac, and corrupt software files.

1. Fixing Canon Printer offline issue connected to Mac via USB

  • Hard reboot your Canon printer.
  • Press and hold ‘Power’ for four seconds to do so.
  • Next, remove the printer from Mac.
  • You should go to the ‘Printers and scanners’ section to do so.
  • Remove all printer drivers.
  • Remove the USB cable from your printer and Mac.
  • Head to the official Canon printer website.
  • Download the recent printer drivers.
  • Install it on Mac using the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, open your printer.
  • Hit its ‘Power’ button.
  • Link the USB cable on both sides of the printer and Mac.
  • Navigate to the ‘Printers and Scanners’ window to add your printer back.
  • Hit the ‘+’ button to add the Canon printer.
  • Now, you won’t see your printed offline on your Mac.

2. Fixing offline Problem When connected to Mac wirelessly

  • Hold and press the ‘Power’ button for about 4 seconds to hard reboot your printer.
  • Move towards the Apple icon, and from there, select ‘System Preferences.’
  • Now, tap ‘Printers and Scanners.’
  • From this option, remove your printer.
  • Switch on the Canon printing device.
  • Configure the wireless connection again with your Canon printer.
  • Connect the printer wirelessly again with your internet router.
  • Uninstall every printer driver.
  • Now, download and install the current drivers again by visiting the official Canon support site.
  • Head towards the Apple icon, and choose ‘System Preferences’ followed by ‘Printers and Scanners.’
  • Add, the printer again by tapping the ‘+’ button.

3. Eliminate paper jam

Paper jam is a common cause of this issue. If you’ve performed the above measures, but still complain, why is my Canon printer offline on Mac? Check for paper jams.

Examine the different parts of your printer, like its door, input tray, and rollers. Gently pull out papers if you see them. After ensuring that there are no paper bits stuck anywhere, perform a test print.

4. Remove pending print jobs

Excessive printing jobs can make your Canon printer go offline on Mac.

  • Trigger the Run window.
  • Use it to head to the ‘Control Panel’ area.
  • Find your Canon machine and right-click it.
  • Select the ‘Cancel all documents’ option.
  • You can also eliminate a single printing job.
  • Just right-tap on that specific task and click ‘OK.’

5. Reconfigure Mac’s printing system

Any issues in Apple’s printing system can lead to Canon Printer offline.

  • Head to the Apple menu and pick the ‘System Preferences’ option.
  • Now, tap ‘Printers and scanners.’
  • In the window that opens, tap right and choose ‘Reset printing system.’
  • Give your Apple username and password.
  • Hit the ‘OK’ button and wait for a few moments.
  • When the printer list opens, add your printer through the ‘+’ sign.
  • Now, give a test print.

Summing up

The exhaustive list of fixes here will save you time and effort in searching for a resolution to this common issue. Use them when your Canon printer shows offline and doesn’t respond to your commands. Both Windows and Mac users will find this guide helpful. If you need expert help to fix printer errors, connect with a printer technical professional.

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