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Do you have a problem with your HP printing device and are wondering can I chat with HP support? HP offers support through phone, chat, email, and self-help options. These include forums and support communities. You can chat with the virtual agent on the official HP website, which is

Here, tap the ‘Chat’ button, and you’ll be taken to the HP Store’s Contact page. This page lets you call an HP support representative, start a live chat, or send an email.

In this post, we will tell you more about how to contact HP support in detail.

How to Talk to HP Customer Service Through Chat

HP offers online chat support for various products.

  1. To access this option, go to
  2. You need to sign into your account to get help.
  3. After signing in, select your product type and input its number.
  4. Now, the HP online chat will begin, where a wizard will assist you.
  5. If you don’t want to sign in, tap the ‘Get started before signing in’ link.
  6. In the new screen, tap ‘Printers.’
  7. You will be taken to another screen where there will be different printer categories.
  8. Choose any category to access useful help articles and contact support options.

How to Talk to a Real Person at HP Support?

HP has different customer service numbers for different products. If you want help regarding business printers, dial 800-334-5144. This HP customer service phone number for the USA is available 24/7. Users wanting support for Instant Ink, ePrint, and scheduled delivery can call 855-785-2777.

The support hours for this number are from Monday to Friday, 8 AM up till 11 PM EST. On Saturdays, this number functions from 10 AM to 6:30 PM.

Are you a user with a disability wanting to contact HP support over the phone? Go to the Aging and Accessibility page. This page gives the HP support contact numbers for persons with disabilities in North America.

Write Your Concern to HP Support Email

HP also provides an email support option. You can send them an email if you want to get help with your printer purchase. Go to this page, and from the drop-down menu, tap the ‘Contact us now’ link at the bottom-right section. From the menu, choose the ‘Send us an email’ option.

Contact HP Through the Support Page

HP has set up a resourceful support page that provides guidance and troubleshooting for various issues.

  1. To access this page, visit
  2. You can use your system or mobile phone to visit this page.
  3. When it opens, sign into your account. This will let you see if your product comes under warranty.
  4. Scroll down to see the ‘Quick Links’ section.
  5. Tap the ‘Learn About HP’s Accessibility Resources’ to learn about HP’s resources for persons with disabilities.
  6. The next tab, ‘HP Virtual Repair Center,’ gives you various support tools for your printer. It also has answers to errors like the HP printer offline, HP printer error, and printer setup.
  7. The next tab is that of ‘HP Diagnostic Solutions.’
  8. When you tap it, a new page will open, where you should click ‘Printer Issues.’
  9. This page gives stepwise instructions for HP printer problems like:
  1. The last tab on the is ‘Check Service Order.’
  2. When you click it, the HP customer support page for checking your service order status will open. Here, put in your service order number, email address, and serial number of the printer. After that, tap ‘Get Started’ to check the service order status.

Why You Should Have an HP Account?

If you are a regular HP product user, it is essential to have an HP account on the official website. This makes getting personalized support easy. When you create an account, you can set up your dashboard and register your product with HP. The dashboard also connects you with various HP customer support options.

You can talk to a live person at HP and also know about the warranty status of your product. An HP account also lets you access troubleshooting diagnostics and helpful documents related to your specific product. Using the built-in HP support assistant, you can also access your account from any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of HP tech support?

You don’t need to pay anything if you are using the HP Support Assistant utility. Also, the HP Customer Service page has many resources, such as chat and helpful documents, that you can use without paying anything.

2. Should I install HP Support Assistant?

Yes, HP Support Assistant lets you learn about the warranty information about your device. It also gives you direct support and software updates. So, it is a helpful tool.

3. Does HP provide online support?

Yes, HP offers online support. To access it, visit On this website, you can discover a lot of troubleshooting and repair-related information.

4. Why is my wireless HP printer not responding?

Restart the router and then check if your HP printer responds. Disconnect the computer from the wireless network and reconnect it. Restore the Wi-Fi setup mode on your printer so it connects wirelessly.

5. What is HP Smart Support?

HP Smart Support is an advanced customer support experience from HP. It uses the HP TechPulse, a cloud-based analytics platform, which lets HP’s customer team access your product information and provide recommendations for resolutions.

Final Words

You can chat with HP support through the procedure described in this article. Besides chatting with support, you can also use other support options, such as self-help articles. HP has many support channels available for its users. It ensures that you quickly troubleshoot your issue without much hassle.


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