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How to Find Brother admin default Password

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Brother printers offer high-quality and reliable printing. But to connect it and print, you must know the correct Brother default password. Note that the default login password for you to manage the printing machine’s settings is either initpass or Pwd. You can change this default credential whenever you want. Many users face issues figuring out this default password on their Brother printing devices. But the process of finding it is not difficult at all. Read this article till the end and learn about discovering the default password of your Brother printer.

Steps to Find Brother Admin Default Password

Follow these pointers to find the admin default password easily.

  • Turn on your Brother printer.
  • Now, head to ‘All Programs.’
  • Choose your Brother printer from the available options.
  • Select the printer by tapping the arrow button.
  • Choose the ‘Remote Setup’ option.
  • Now fill out your password.
  • Ensure that your device is well-connected to the network.
  • If it isn’t, you need first to link it to a network.
  • Only after that, input the password.
  • The default password of the device is ‘access.’
  • After you fill out this default password, you can change the details through web-based management.
  1. If you are a user, input ‘user’ in the Name of the User field.
  2. In the Password field, input ‘access.’
  3. If you are an administrator, input ‘admin’ in the Name of the User field.
  4. In the Password field, input ‘access.’

What Is Brother Password for Web-Based Management?

  • The password is present on the device’s back for Brother Laser printers. It is preceded by Pwd.
  • You can find it written below the barcode label on the right.
  • There is another barcode label on the left, but it does not have a password.
  • In Brother Inkjet printers, the password is present on the printer’s back. It has the term Pwd preceding it.
  • You can find it below the barcode label on the right.
  • There is another barcode label on the left. But it doesn’t have a password.
  • On the Brother document scanner, the password is present on the device’s bottom. The term Pwd precedes it.
  • You can find it written below the barcode label which is on the right.
  • There is another barcode label on the left. This label does not have a password.
  • As per your printer model, you can print the Network Configuration Report to find the Brother admin default password.
  • To print the Network Configuration report, access the settings of the printer.
  • Hit ‘All settings.’
  • Now display print reports by hitting the Down or the Up arrow keys.
  • Hit ‘Print Reports.’
  • To show network configuration, hit the Down or the Up arrow keys.
  • Now press ‘Network configuration’ followed by ‘OK.’
  • Finally, hit ‘Home.’

If you find the IP address on the report displaying, wait for 60 seconds before retrying.

Can You Reset the Default Admin Password of Brother Printer?

Yes, you can change the default password of your Brother printing model. It is a good step to enhance the security of your printing device. Use these steps to reset the password quickly.

  • Start your system.
  • Now, launch a web browser.
  • Locate the address bar.
  • Here, type the machine’s IP address.
  • After that, hit Enter.
  • An example can be http://123.455.7.9. Now, in order to reset the password, go under the ‘Log In’ section.
  • Here, give the default admin password for your Brother printer model.
  • The ‘Administrator’ section will show up.
  • If this tab does not show up, hit the ‘Log in password’ tab.
  • Write a new password on the ‘Type New Password’ field.
  • After that, enter this password again. Enter it in the ‘Confirm new password’ field.
  • Now, tap the ‘Submit’ option.
  • It will save the new modifications.
  • Now, your Brother’s admin default password has been changed.
  • You will need to input this password to access and use your Brother printing device.

How to Find the Brother Printer Wi-Fi Password

Some Brother printer models need Wi-Fi passwords because they are linked to Wi-Fi networks. But you must also reset this password, especially if many people use it.

  • First, ensure that you are aware of the password and network name of the wireless network.
  • If you don’t know these credentials, locate them on the rear part of the model.
  • Now, launch the Control Panel window.
  • Here, hit the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Choose ‘Settings.’
  • Now, choose the ‘All settings’ option.
  • Scroll down till you find the ‘Network’ option.
  • Now, press ‘OK.’
  • Scroll downward to find the ‘Network reset’ option.
  • Press ‘OK.’
  • Hit ‘1’ for yes.
  • It is for printer reboot.
  • Press ‘1’ again to confirm this reboot.
  • The Brother printer will begin rebooting.
  • The printer will now prompt you to set up Wi-Fi after the reboot finishes.
  • Hit the ‘OK’ button thrice.
  • Now, open the Setup Wizard.
  • You will need to pick your Wi-Fi network.
  • If you used ‘WPS’ select ‘No.’
  • Give your Wi-Fi password and hit ‘OK.’
  • Now, tap ‘1’ to implement the new changes.
  • After that, a ‘Connection OK’ report will come out of your printing device.
  • When this report comes, it means that the password has been reset successfully.

Reset the Brother Printer Password through the Control Panel

  • Disconnect cables from the printer except for the power cable.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel and hit ‘Menu.’
  • Now, choose ‘LAN’ or ‘Network.’
  • Use the up and down keys to pick ‘Menu.’
  • Next, select ‘Network reset.’
  • Choose ‘Menu’ and tap ‘Reset.’
  • The printer will restart.
  • Reconnect the cable to begin printing.

Summing up

Now you can easily locate the default password of your Brother printing device. You can reset it and connect your printer to the network easily. If you encounter any issues and want to fix printer errors,  avail yourself of professional help.

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